ElectroGATE Presents an online Course in Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2021 (ECE)

Most of the students neglect the most important subject asked in GATE. Engineering Mathematics has a weightage of 15 out of 100 marks every year. The GATE exam can be qualified by correctly solving problems of Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude only. For those, who have completed all the core ECE subjects will gain a rank boost by solving the problems of Engineering Mathematics. Keeping these aspects in mind, ElectroGATE presents a quick course in Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2021 (ECE).

Features of the course

1.       To the point discussion: Only the information required to solve the questions is provided to avoid toughness and boredom.

2.       Solution of previous year questions: Previous year GATE questions will be solved.

3.       Additional practice questions: Practice questions will be solved to avoid any mistakes in the exam.

4.       No need to make notes: Just focus on the learning. All the notes will be shared to you through a virtual notebook automatically.

5.       Doubt Classes: Doubt classes will be organized at the end of the course to tackle any doubts of the students.

6.       Ready to use Formulas: All the important formulas will be shared along with the notes.


Monday to Saturday

7:00 PM to 8:30 PM


5:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Engineering Mathematics Syllabus for GATE 2021 (ECE):

Linear Algebra: Vector space, basis, linear dependence and independence, matrix algebra, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, rank, solution of linear equations - existence and uniqueness.

Calculus: Mean value theorems, theorems of integral calculus, evaluation of definite and improper integrals, partial derivatives, maxima and minima, multiple integrals, line, surface and volume integrals, Taylor series.

Differential Equations: First order equations (linear and nonlinear), higher order linear differential equations, Cauchy's and Euler's equations, methods of solution using variation of parameters, complementary function and particular integral, partial differential equations, variable separable method, initial and boundary value problems.

Vector Analysis: Vectors in plane and space, vector operations, gradient, divergence and curl, Gauss's, Green's and Stokes’ theorems.

Complex Analysis: Analytic functions, Cauchy’s integral theorem, Cauchy’s integral formula, sequences, series, convergence tests, Taylor and Laurent series, residue theorem.

Probability and Statistics: Mean, median, mode, standard deviation, combinatorial probability, probability distributions, binomial distribution, Poisson distribution, exponential distribution, normal distribution, joint and conditional probability.


The classes will be held using Zoom/MS Teams/Google Meet. A sample recorded video of the class can be seen at the link below.


Course fee: 

INR 100/- if registered by 25th November 2020

INR 200/- From 26th November 2020